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Angry Birds Blast is a matching puzzle game that looks a lot like their own take on Candy Crush Saga. Depending on where you fall on matching games, this could sound great or awfully dull.


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While the game has polished, intuitive and eye-catching graphics it doesn’t offer anything special. It doesn’t stand out from its rivals in the genre, such as Candy Crush Saga in any way.

However, the sheer polish and charm of the game make it easy to be enchanted by things you may have already done before. Even trapped inside the balloons, the Angry Birds shine with their charisma. Red’s thick eyebrows ever-scowling, Matilda’s underbite clenching, and Chuck’s wisp of hair looking like a volcano about to go off make the game look adorable. The score of the graphics is 9.5 out of 10.

Gameplay 4/5

Angry Birds Blast pits the original five Angry Birds against their recognizable enemies, the Green Pigs, once again. But this time, the Birds have been trapped inside balloons and have to be freed before they can take down any Piggies.

The gameplay is typical for matching puzzle games. You have a series of levels, each of them made up of colored blocks which you match in straight-line groups of two or more.

Although many aspects of Angry Birds Blast are tried matching games formulas, the use of Piggies and their forts as obstacles is an excellent change of pace that stays true to the series’ identity. To reach the Piggies, you need to pop blocks made of glass, wood, stone, and other items. Goals almost always include removing all Pigs on the board, and larger Piggies like the Foreman Pig take more matches to be knocked off.

There are also unique characters, which haven’t been included in previous Angry Birds games — “super angry” Birds. They will torpedo out of their balloon prison and pop another random balloon on the way to their freedom.

When you collect larger batches of balloons, you will earn a number of powerful boosters like the 5-match Rocket or the 9-match Laser Gun. They will help you snag tricky singular balloons, and coming side-by-side they result in a massive in its scope and usefulness explosion.

Rovio also treats you with little gameplay additions like Daily and Weekly tasks that offer a unique “go as long as you can” challenges. These tasks are a great break from the standard goal-focused levels. The score of the gameplay is 9 out of 10.

The levels set you challenges, like popping balloons of the same color and getting rid of a few pigs. Tiles are only removed when you tap on them, and any like-colored tiles that are touching the group will be removed as well. It allows for large matches in a single move but also greatly reduces the chance to make chains, since tiles don’t disappear automatically when lined up in a row.

Replay Value

The Angry Birds Blast’s campaign suffers from the common matching games issue — it becomes too difficult too quickly. Although the power-ups help in clearing tough boards, you may find yourself playing even early levels over and over before coming close to the required goal. The game often feels random and luck-based, especially when you get stuck with an endless series of matches in a corner which is nowhere near the Pigs you’re trying to take down.

To keep you engaged and entertained outside the main campaign, the game offers you daily and weekly challenges where you need to clear as many pigs as you can and earn rewards and boosters.

Eventually, the game gets boring, and the power-ups and obstacles become repetitive. It’s just another match-stuff game which you’ll put down after a few hours and replay just for killing time. The score is 9 out of 10.


  • Polished graphics;
  • Good time killer.


  •  Just another balloon popper;
  • Gets repetitive easily;
  • The levels feel random and luck-based.
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