Full Review of Cradle of Empires: Match3 Game. Jam-Packed With Goodness

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If you’re into fantasy games that combine adventure and strategy, Cradle of Empires is just for you. Exciting puzzles await you as you venture through ancient Egypt, battling Amrun, the dark prophet. An impressive, free to get Match-3 for your Google Android or iOS device any day.

Fancy Wrapping

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The app has beautiful graphics, which will instantly hook you to your screens. The feel of old Egypt is dominant throughout the game, even though you move into puzzle mode often. The beautiful Nimiru is always available on screen to take you through the game instructions. The art-work on the puzzle is brilliant and looks even better with a high-resolution phone.

With regular Match 3 gameplay, you get city-building games and main puzzles that you have to complete to progress. Solving puzzles means you have to prioritize eliminating the tiles with the light-blue backgrounds. Visuals are excellent, so it deserves the highest score 10/10. 

Familiar Gameplay in an Ancient Setting

The gameplay has different elements, but these all build an ultimate storyline as you are guided by Nimiru and the ancient Egyptian settlers to break Amrun’s curse. You’ll collect resources along the way which help you rebuild the ravaged cities. If you accumulate more resources and get higher scores, you progress faster. Players can also take on quests to garner more resources and points which aid their rebuilding endeavours.

Throughout the game, you’ll get tutorials which aid your progress. You’ll also get different game modes such as skull, step-by-step, night, blitz and colorless which produce different obstacles and change depending on which building you are in.

The controls are just as simple as tapping and clicking on the tiles, which is quite convenient for simple Match 3 games such as this one. 

Both the Google play app for Cradle of Empires and its App Store variant are free therefore anyone can have it on their device. There are Match-3 purchases that you can make for boosters, energy and unlocking new detail, varying from as low as 4.99$ to upwards of 90$. You can play without these purchases, but the truth is you are bound to get stuck at some point unless you are some sort of Match-3 genius. The gameplay can be marked as 9/10.

Keep It or Bin It?

I think it would be fun to replay the game because of the variety of characters and landscape that I get to experience in the game. I can unlock new characters and content with the in-app purchases although some of these are really costly. I also like the fact I was actually building the storyline while playing. The score of the replay value is 8 out of 10.


  • Great graphics and awesome sounds;
  • Building a storyline is exciting;
  • No ads;
  • Updates with bug fixes.


  • In-app purchases are too costly;
  • Completing the same puzzles proves redundant;
  • Often crashes.
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