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Hidden Folks is a playful seek and find the game featuring amazingly detailed scenes packed with tiny people and objects they interact with. If you like hidden object games like Where’s Waldo?, then you will enjoy Hidden Folks a lot.

Each level is a teeming figure picture made up of hundreds of characters existing within their small section of the space while still relating to the overarching image. It’s a monochromatic world with huge canvases to explore and find a certain bunch of folks wandering around.

It’s a simple idea, but executed brilliantly, with the art, sound, and playability that make the game a fantastic experience.


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Hidden Folks has an exquisitely complex drawing style that is completely animated. It looks fantastic and is especially crisp and sharp on Retina screens. Its cartoonish aesthetic fits the nature of the game perfectly, and the developers and artists haven’t spared any details. Even the shadows and other textures are represented by small dots. Although the canvas is filled with rather small and cramped people and objects, there are intricate details woven throughout the landscapes that make them full of life.

Hidden Folks has a white background with black ink for the drawings by default, but there are two other color options you can choose in the settings: Sepia, with a beige background and black ink, and Night Mode, with a black background and white ink. The landscapes come to life from all living creatures in the level, presenting smooth and fluid animations. You won’t face any interruptions while scrolling through the map in the search for objects.

There isn’t much of a soundtrack in the background, but Hidden Folks is packed with plenty of fun and charming sound effects of things when you interact with them. The score is 10 out of 10.


Hidden Folks is a level-based game where you will progress in a fairly linear fashion. There are four different environments you can explore, and each section contains from two to five stages with hidden people and objects. On the level select screen, you can check your progress on a stage through the circle below. If there is a lock, then it’s currently inaccessible because you haven’t yet met requirement threshold, and if it’s partly filled, it displays how far you are in the stage. A completely filled circle means you’ve cleared the entire level.

Each scene requires you to find a certain number of objects before the next level becomes accessible. However, if you are a perfectionist, you can go back and find all of the hidden items the stage contains. Some of them are easy to find, while others will give you a serious challenge. And when it happens, you have to tap around and interact with everything you can.

There is a legend with each requested character displayed exactly like they will appear on the stage, along with a short hint towards their whereabouts. If a folk is described as “being terrorized by bees,” it means you should be looking for swarms of insects or beehives. A character listed as stuck on a ladder is likely to be found up high somewhere. Some folks can’t be marked as found until you meet their hinted need — a character who is waiting for the music to begin can only be collected after you’ve tapped the speaker system near him.

This interactive nature of the game adds to it a sense of vitality. There are not merely static pictures on the canvas; the in-game world and its inhabitants react to your taps even when they are not part of your assigned search. Tap an alligator’s nose, and he opens his mouth; tap a seed, and it sprouts into a plant; an apple falls from the tree; a mailbox spits out a letter.

You can pull up blinds, open doors, cut grass, and drag away manhole covers. Most of the people and background objects produce a sound effect responding to your touch, whether it’s the “rarrr” of the open-jawed alligator or the “meep meep” of a car horn or the playful vocal effects of a person saying “moooo” or “bzzzbzzz.” If something can’t move or make noise, it will just produce a small puff of smoke.

All these effects make exploring each map an utter joy since even random tapping will cause some sort of reaction. Every scene is filled with small details unrelated to the actual search assignment, from a group of dancers who collectively sigh if you turn off their music to the Folk versions of other video game characters like an Angry Bird or a Piranha Plant. The score is 10 out of 10.

Replay Value

Hidden Folks doesn’t contain any endeavors, unlockables, and fanfare. There is all about you and your desire to see every object on the list checked off, so the game’s replayability depends on how engaged you will be in this fun adventure. The score is 9.5 out of 10.


  • Wonderfully designed;
  • The hilarious sound effects;
  • The diverse scenes.


  • Some characters and objects don’t react to your touch;
  • Doesn’t contain a dedicated zoom button.
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