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With so many puzzle games on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one to pick. After trying one too many games, I finally came across a leading puzzle app that I think everyone should try. The game I am referring to is Jellipop Match. Find out why I love it in this detailed review.


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This App Store and Google Play app for matching jellies has fantastic and colorful graphics. The different candies might not look realistic, but I think the graphics chosen for this game suit it perfectly. I have absolutely no complaints. The score of graphics is 9/10.


Jellipop Match is a very straightforward game. All you are required to do is to match 3 candies in order to collect jelly drops and advance further in the candy track. You will get to discover sweet surprises around every corner and unfold different mysteries in each realm of the kingdom. Whether you want a fun way to wind down or a fun brain teaser, this app is exactly what you need.

In this Google Android and iOS app, you also get to assist Lily, the protagonist, and her friends on their quest to save the Jelly Kingdom. Therefore, match as many candies as possible to get rewards such as board clearing, cross bombs, jelly spoons and other amazing features to advance in the game. The score of gameplay is 9/10.

I am a great fan of easy controls. I think that games that have simple controls are more enjoyable because you don’t need to learn anything new. You can start enjoying the game from the get-go. This is exactly what you get from Jellipop Match. The controls are straightforward which makes the game very user-friendly. All you have to do to make this iOS and Android app work is swipe your screen in the direction you want to move the jellies and voila!

Jellipop Match is a free game. However, if you want to get more lives, additional moves and other special items, you will have to use real money to purchase these items. The items range from $0.99 to $49.99. The best thing about the game is the fact that you can play it for free without purchasing anything. In fact, it is possible to disable the in-app purchases through the game settings.

Replay Value

I can count the number of times I have played this game. I play it on my commute to work, when relaxing at home and on so many other occasions. I have absolutely no doubt that you will enjoy this game as well. It doesn’t get boring at all. The score of replay value is 9/10.


  • Interesting background song;
  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Numerous enjoyable levels.


  • You have to use the money to get access to some of the features;
  • Tends to crash after continued use and after updates;
  • Few lives.
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