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Playing the board games in real life may be complicated. It’s far easier to get the same gaming experience on your device. You won’t need to gather your friends or family in one place or worry about losing dice and tokens which are essential in playing Ludo Bing.

So, what is Ludo? The game has different variants and even names in various countries. But generally it’s a strategy board game for 2-4 players, and their fate is decided by the rolls of a single die. In this game, you have to race 4 of your tokens from the beginning until the end faster than your opponents.

You may install Ludo Bing on your Android device and try it all yourself, but it’s better to read the review first. You’ll find out whether the game is worth downloading or not.


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The visuals, effects, and animations are simple. Maybe even too simple. You’ll see the traditional colors of the game board — red, yellow, blue, and green.

Every player participating in the Ludo Bing gets 4 tokens of matching colors. The board is square and has a cross-shaped playspace. Each arm consists of 3 columns of squares with 6 squares per column. Those in the middle are colored and called home columns.

At the center, you’ll see a bigger finishing square composed of colored trapeziums atop the players’ home columns. The arrows show you the direction you have to take to get to the finish.

The user interface in Ludo Bing is pretty friendly. The instructions and settings will help you to get the best from the game. You may even create private tables, invite your friends to play together, and have much fun. However, some players report about glitches. The score is 8 out of 10.


Ludo has been popular for centuries and varied a little in its game structure. Now it’s available to play whenever and wherever you want using your Android device. The game has a modernized format and cool features. It’s amazing how the game once played by kings is at your fingertips.

There may be 2, 3, or 4 players in the game. At the beginning of the game, all of them have 4 tokens located in one of the corner areas which are called home bases or yards.

Ludo Bing begins when all the players roll the dice. The person who has the highest score starts the action and makes turns in a clockwise direction. You have to roll a 6 in order to enter a token into play and move it from its yard to the starting square. But if you roll any other number and don’t have tokens in play, the turn passes the next person.

When you have 1 or more tokens in play, you may choose a token and move it forwards along the track. The number of squares is quickly determined by the die you rolled. Note that you won’t be able to pass. The turn moves to another player only in case no move is possible. You have to move your token considering the die value rolled.

If a 6 is rolled, you can either advance a token which is already in play or enter the other one from the starting square. The first and second “6” provide you with an extra roll. Rolling a 6 for the third time means that you can’t move, and the turn passes to another player at once.

When you finish your move on a square occupied by an opponent’s token, it returns to the owner’s yard. Your opponent may re-enter his token into play only when he rolls a 6.

The first person who brings all his tokens to the finish wins the game. Other players may continue playing to determine the second, third, and fourth places.

The gameplay seems straightforward at first, but the rules make it more challenging and entertaining. Just try to beat your opponents and get the highest scores. The score is 9 out of 10.

Replay Value

There’s not much novelty in Ludo Bing, but some of the features make you want to replay the game a couple of times. Here are the main highlights of the game which make it worth playing it once again:

  • playing with opponents from all around the world and chatting with them;
  • daily bonuses;
  • movable counters;
  • offline mode allowing you to play with friends or relatives;
  • Snakes and Ladders multiplayer;
  • 2-4 players real-time mode;
  • private tables;
  • ability to send funny and helpful gifts;
  • special variations of Ludo like the Fast Ludo;
  • dice with particular Player Colors, and much more to discover.

Ludo Bing is a good way to spend your free time, and you won’t get bored with this game. At least for some time. The score is 9 out of 10.


  • Ability to play offline and try out other modes;
  • Exciting daily bonuses;
  • Snakes and Ladders Multiplayer;
  • Comprehensive guides;
  • Free to install and play.


  • Sometimes the game seems unfair;
  • Lots of distracting ads;
  • No button to invite Facebook friends;
  • Disconnections from the network affect the game.
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