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It’s hard to create a game looking so simple and being so addictive and exciting at the same time. But Mini Metro’s developers managed to do that. This game is an amazingly entertaining puzzle with high on the move playability.

It will take some time to get to the bottom of the game’s mechanics, so don’t quit it after a couple of attempts. After you figure out what it’s all about, you’ll get stuck in Mini Metro for hours.

Though the game is called Mini Metro, there’s not much about the passengers, realistic underground carriages, and subway stops. If you forget of the metro aesthetic for a while, you’ll understand that the game is a management puzzler. You’ll see the bright lines and geometric figures like triangles, squares, circles, or rectangles. Why would you need them? Read on to find out.


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I know that the colorful geometric figures won’t impress you in words. But wait. Imagine or look at the game’s fantastic minimalist aesthetic. Mini Metro is a transit map, which will zoom out and out as every round progresses. The number of colored rails will grow as you build them. They will intersect each other and go under the bays.

The graphics are simple yet stylish, so Mini Metro is easy to understand visually and manipulate, and that’s one of the main things in puzzle games. It is enhanced by a slick presentation, a nice clean style, and an equally minimalistic sound, which takes you deeper into the action. The score is 9/10.


Your aim is to draw lines between various shapes on the map. All these shapes are stations, and the lines denote rails. The trains moving from station to station carry the passengers waiting at each station.

To get more points, you have to help as many passengers as you can to reach the needed destination. Don’t make them wait for too long. The cities grow quickly, so you have to be careful and build the tracks efficiently to satisfy every person’s needs. Otherwise, the stations become overcrowded, and you lose.

If you want to unlock new maps, you’ll have to reach a certain amount of points. That’s why planning everything is crucial in the Mini Metro game.

There are a couple of ways you can enjoy Mini Metro. First, it’s the Standard mode with Normal and Extreme difficulties, if you’re an experienced player. You can choose from 13 levels based on locations we all heard of, for example, London, New York City, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Saint Petersburg, Cairo, etc.

In Daily mode, you can try yourself against other gamers around the world. You’ll have to gain more scores on a preset daily map. The score is 9/10.

Replay Value

Mini Metro is highly replayable. It’s impossible to stop when you’re in the middle of the game. Plus, the standard levels provide you unique experience every time because the city growth is randomized, and you always decide how will your subway map look. A perfect time-waster. The score is 10/10.


  • Simple but not easy gameplay;
  • Variety of upgrades;
  • Daily Challenges;
  • Colorblind and night modes;
  • Minimalistic design and responsive soundtrack.


  • The endless mode seems to be boring.
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