Full Review of Pinball Pro. Timeless Classic with a Twist

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If you grew up playing with real Pinball machines, this Android app should come as a great addition to your phone. The sounds and action of the original game are brought to life right on your phone; the graphics are nice, and the physics are awesome.

Stunning Attention to Detail

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Pinball Pro manages to recreate the original detail to a high level of precision, offering 5 different tables with great visuals and graphics. The main home screen gives you the Play and Options buttons, and you’ll also see your high scores and the leaderboard here. That good, old alien feeling of the original Pinball is still prevalent in this game too. Graphics’ score is 8/10.

Game Mechanics We All Love

The objective of the game is to strike specific targets with the steel ball. There may be objectives that you need to complete too in addition to just hitting targets. You need to keep the ball in play for as long as possible and to hit the targets as many times as possible without the ball moving out of the playfield and being collected by the drains. You put the ball into play using a plunger, and striking it with much velocity keeps it in the upper part of the playfield which you can then maintain by re-hitting the ball using inclined flippers.

There are bumpers, kickers, and slingshots which either block or aid the movement of the ball. There are also targets such as drop targets, bulls-eye targets, kicking targets and more, all of which give you different points and bonuses when you strike them. Other gameplay elements include switches, gates, holes, saucers, and ramps.

While pressing and holding on the screen is convenient for Pinball on smartphones, the original pinball required you to move your fingers around quite a bit and quite fast. This makes the game feel a bit cluttered especially if you are playing on a smartphone with a small screen. The creators have however done an excellent job of mitigating those effects with the current controls.

The Google Android app for Pinball pro is free to get, and there are no in-app purchases for this game. The score of the gameplay is 9 out of 10.

Gripping Time Killer

I’d get and replay this game any day. It sticks to the original genius of Pinball and adds most of the original elements of the actual pinball tables. The creators could make the game more interesting by introducing different varieties of tables and maybe add a few storylines to the gameplay. The replay value is 10/10.


  • Seamless graphics;
  • Easy controls;
  • Realistic physics;
  • The latest version only requires Android 2.0 or up so anyone even with an old Android phone can enjoy it.


  • Flippers often get stuck;
  • The ‘bounce’ often isn’t realistic;
  • Too little power in the plunger.
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