Full Review of Plants vs. Zombies Free. Eat or Be Eaten

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Who thought species of the botanical variety would be an effective defense against the undead? Plants vs. Zombies is one tower defense game you can’t miss on your Google Android or iOS device. Defend your home with an arsenal of 49 plants and experience this award-winning game in all its fullness.

Colorful Madness

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The graphics are cool and simple considering all behind the scenes going on. You have different varieties of plants, all with different powers and abilities. On the left of the dashboard, you’ll see the number of plants and their varieties that you possess in your arsenal. The design is really straightforward yet clean and elegant, and you get a lot for less with the game. Graphics’ score of the app is 7.5/10.

Strategy Is Key

The game is all about fun strategy, and you need to think fast to know which plant to use to beat your zombies. Different plants have different abilities. Some act as blasters, while others absorb sun rays to produce coins. Others act as mines while others repel the incoming waves. Decapitated zombies allow you to collect coins. The varieties of plants range from spike-spitting cacti, fume shrooms, and pea-shooters. These different varieties come in handy when dealing with the different types of zombies such as football players, bucket heads, bobsled teams and even dolphin riders. I think the score of the gameplay is 8.5/10.

Diverse Challenges

There are 50 levels of the game meaning you’ll encounter different types of enemies and get different types of battling abilities. At night time, production of sunshine is affected forcing dependence on sunflowers and sun-shrooms. On the roof, you need to plant in pots. Your lawnmowers are your last line of defense. You never want the Zombie to eat your brains!

The App Store and Google Play app for Plants vs. Zombies uses drag-and-drop, and tap, which is convenient for it as a TD game. Tapping on a plant to select it and moving around is fairly easy. With the uncluttered design, you’ll find it very comfortable to play the game.

Both the Android app and iOS versions are free to get, although the game offers in-app purchases. You can play without these purchases but progressing through all 50 levels without getting added powers or plant varieties through in-apps will be difficult, and you’ll hear more “the Zombies ate your brains” crunches.

I would glue to this game again because of the level of adventure it presents, filled with different scenery and different plant and zombie varieties, which makes everything more exciting. You can unlock different abilities and get in-app purchases, but the storyline is devoid of variety. The score of the replay value is 9 out of 10.


  • Cool graphics; get better with each update;
  • Simple controls;
  • Great variety.


  • Limited play modes;
  • Too many ads;
  • Bugs are prevalent.
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