Full Review of The Chase – Official GSN App. Feel the Game Show Thrill

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The popular iTV quiz show with your famous five is finally here on your Google Android or iOS devices. Now you too can take on The Chaser through this official app. Test the limits of your brainpower as you avoid getting caught by The Chaser and win mad cash too! 

Familiar Aesthetic

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The app design is simple, elegant and game show reminiscent. The home page has a dominant red background with ‘The Chase’ marked as a brilliant header. You have buttons for Play, How to Play and Statistics on the home page. Going into Play-mode will bring in a blue background with the face of The Beast at the top. The leaderboard is also simply designed, and the graphics are overall cool. The score of the visuals is 7 out 10!

Diverse Gameplay

The game features almost 6,000 questions, all derived from the real game show. You answer general questions to test you and build your cash before going against The Beast in the final chase. You have to work really fast to avoid being caught by The Beast. You can play with up to 4 players on one device. The levels you need to pass through are the Cash Builder, The Chase, and the Final Chase.

Your scores will go into the leaderboards including how much money you have, your achievements and other game-centre stats. On occasion, The Chaser will answer incorrectly which makes the game even more exciting. The gameplay deserves the mark is 8/10.

The input selection and tapping the choice answers is convenient for this game genre. Just tap to select the correct answer once you have read the question and voila! Your answer is input into the leaderboard. With a large screen; the controls become even more fluid.

The get is free for both the Android and iOS, although you’ll need to make in-app purchases if you want to get extra questions on TV, Movies and Sports categories.

Worth a Replay?

I’d definitely replay the game again because of how realistic it feels; it’s just like the actual TV show. It gets a bit disappointing when you can’t beat The Chaser because of the lag time due to the touch input mechanism. The game creators should reconsider this part of the design. The score of the replay value is 7.5 out of 10.


  • True-to-life performance on both iOS and Android app;
  • One of the leading trivia games you’ll find on any app;
  • Thousands of questions.


  • The lag time between reading and answering the questions isn’t taken into account especially during The Chase;
  • Questions become repetitive;
  • Graphics are too slow even with the latest version.
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